The Amsterdam Sessions

The Amsterdam Sessions

Every street matters

October 7-10 2019, Amsterdam

Every year SDI (Slum Dwellers International) organizes its own conference in a different major urban centre. This gives SDI the chance to talk to entrepreneurs, politicians and professionals, on their own terms rather than as guests at someone else’s party, where the urban poor are so often regarded as ornamental, forced to speak on topics form other people’s agendas. Instead, as hosts and experts of their own event, SDI’s leaders can present themselves and their message for what it is: an integral and indispensable part of the solution to our global problems.

Join us from 7 to 10 October when SDI will be coming to Amsterdam and The Hague.

Every street matters

Leave no one behind. That is the core of the UN Sustainable Development Goals: a clean, safe and just world for everyone. The same idea is central to SDI. SDI has been working on slum and urban development throughout the world since the ‘90s. Every street matters and everyone is part of the solution: that is the key to success.

Every day thousands of SDI members map the streets of their slums, going from door to door to collect information about the residents. This information gives them power to negotiate with local authorities to gain access to basic services and land rights and to prevent and develop alternatives to evictions.

SDI offers the solution to achieve the SDGs

Over the past 25 years, SDI has gained in-depth knowledge about the dynamics of urban development. The slum dwellers have become experts in solving land and tenure challenges and finding inclusive solutions when formal interests overlap with the needs and rights of informal communities.

This local knowledge and experience is invaluable if we want to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. During The Amsterdam Sessions we explore new models of inclusive urban development and ways we can form resilient local communities.


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