Charity dinner

Charity dinner

7 oktober 19:00 - 22:00
Location: Amsterdam, Circl
In partnership with Circl and ABN Amro
ABN Amro

On Monday, October 7 - World Habitat Day - SDI Netherlands will organize a charity dinner for guests to join SDI’s slum dwellers at the table. Join us for a night of learning, entertainment and an auction, all of course while enjoying a meal prepared by CIRCL’s acclaimed chef: Rudolf Brand.

This event offers an excellent opportunity to engage in conversation with those who are confronted with the effects of climate change, poverty and exclusion on a daily basis, and who are finding innovative solutions to these problems on a daily basis, too. Slum dwellers may be poor, but they are rich in mind. Faced with the challenges of living in a slum, they have been coming up with concrete practical and sustainable solutions for years. From tiny houses, to community-based solutions to water and sanitation, to solar energy and recycling.

With the proceeds from the charity dinner, SDI can pay for part of the annual ‘Sessions’. This gives SDI the chance to talk to entrepreneurs, politicians and professionals on their own terms rather than as guests at someone else’s party, where the urban poor are so often regarded as ornamental, forced to speak on topics form other people’s agendas. Instead, as hosts and experts of their own event, SDI’s leaders can present themselves and their message for what it is: an integral and indispensable part of the solution to our global problems.