Financing the transition

Financing the transition

8 oktober 14:00 - 17:00
Location: Amsterdam, Circl
In partnership with ABN Amro
ABN Amro

Sustainable financing for the urban poor

In this meeting we will explore impact investment opportunities that create positive change in the lives of the world’s poorest. Worldwide we are facing the same problems: how do we keep our growing cities liveable, sustainable and thriving for everyone? And how do we do this as formal and informal inhabitants, businesses, governments and investors? This meeting brings together slum dweller leaders and impact investing specialists in order to explore the potential for innovative finance solutions and impact investing to create social and economic change in urban poor communities around the world.

Financing the transition

Traditional development finance is no longer adequate to meet the scale and complexity of global challenges in the 21st century. With an annual funding gap of $2.5 trillion to deliver the SDGs, new forms of finance are essential to address the devastating effects of climate change, rapidly growing inequality in the world’s poorest and most vulnerable populations, among others.

Over the past decade, market-based approaches and impact investing have shown some promise to harness the much needed additional capital required to catalyse positive social and economic change. To date, however, SDI has mostly relied on development finance and philanthropy to support its transnational network of slum dweller federations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. At this stage, it is widely recognised that SDI has the potential to manage revenue-generating enterprises that engage with the impact investing community and move the organization to a more sustainable financing model. In doing so, SDI will assist the impact investing community to make serious commitments to the poorest of the poor -- a segment of society generally overlooked by market-based approaches. 

The session is organised in collaboration with ABN AMRO and will be hosted by Ellen Sprenger. It includes a simulation, along the lines of ‘Dragon’s Den’, in which slum dwellers and their support professionals will present projects for the consideration of potential investors.

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