Slum dwellers come to town

Slum dwellers come to town

7 oktober 09:00 - 10 oktober 16:00
Location: Amsterdam and The Hague

During the course of the week, the slum dwellers will travel across the city, looking for inspiring groups in Amsterdam and The Hague, who, like them, are working on local practical solutions to global problems. They will invite groups doing important work in Amsterdam and The Hague to pull up a seat at the table, sharing knowledge and experience across borders.

Cooking together to strengthen the community, combat food wastage, and ensure healthy and affordable food for all local residents. A women's savings group to tackle shared problems and build financial stability. Collective solutions to ensure that the city remains a place for the elderly residents. In the Netherlands too, people are already working on concrete solutions every day.

So join in and talk. Together we achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.